Rihanna Fenty Beauty Launch Party

It’s finally here! Fenty Beauty officially launched at Sephora today and the collection could not be more drool worthy! I was so lucky to get a sneak peek last night at the Fenty Beauty launch party hosted by Rihanna.  I knew she was great at makeup but didn’t realize she was a makeup artist. She stunned in a yellow dress (you know I love RiRi in a train!), no bra, some good bling and a killer gold highlight, which I’m pretty sure is her Kilawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife. I ordered it at the party and they forgot to put in my bag! I’d be devastated but the collection isn’t sold out, so I’m ordering it from Sephora. And while I’m at it all the Kilawatt Freestyle Highlighters (featured below), because I’m OBSESSED!

Last nights party was epic! Guests had a bracelet which they could scan to receive one item from each collection to take home #dead. From her ad campaign to shade and color range (she dropped 40 foundation shades!), her commitment to diversity and all skintones is really impressive. It was so cute, the models were all there and they all hit up the photobooth together.

A foundation, lipgloss, highlighter, contour/concealor sticks, some brushes and a lot of oil control products, a makeover and a photo with Rihanna later I was the happiest girl in the world. Some quick notes on the product (past I love everything). It’s a great line for oily skin, which I’m assuming Rihanna is based on this assortment. She launched Pro Filt’r, which is a soft matte primer, Invisimatte which is a blotting powder (complete with brush that magnets to the compact), and Invisimatte which is a legit blotting paper that you can refil. It’s basically in a mini Saran wrap packaging, which is so cool!

Shop the collection at Sephora.com

Your Secret Weapon for Sleep

Growing up I was always told sleep is the most important medicine. And unlike my sister who was a complete night owl, when I was done for the day, I was done. Meaning, as soon as I was worn out, my head would hit that pillow and I was out within seconds.

That part hasn’t changed, but my relationship with sleep over the years certainly has. My stress level has been through the roof, my schedule has been all over the place, and it occurred to me that while I understood the importance of sleep, I wasn’t prioritizing it. And my attitude was changing for the worse because of it.

The week before I left for Paris, I had a wake-up call. Beautyrest® sent me the Beautyrest® Sleeptracker® monitor to try, which is a device you put under your mattress; it connects to the accompanying mobile app to track your sleep. It shows your breathing rate, heart rate, total sleep time, how long you took to fall asleep, how many times you woke up (and for how long) … and then breaks down your Light sleep, REM sleep and Deep sleep time.

As I learned from the app’s Smart Coach tips, REM sleep is crucial for brain performance and organizing memory. Deep sleep is for the regeneration of the body – that’s when muscles are restored and the immune system is strengthened.

Unlike wearable sleep monitors (that require being worn and needing to be charged regularly), the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor is completely non-invasive and plugs directly into a wall outlet. It basically looks like a defibrillator, two paddles so it can track you and your partner’s sleep (or you can just use one side).

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor gave me a closer look at the things keeping me up at night (monitoring everything from my caffeine intake to how much TV or other devices I was using before bed) and offers personalized, easy-to-implement insights to help me make the most of my time asleep.

Back to my wake-up call. The first week I used it (right before the trip), I was mortified to see I was averaging 6-6.5 hours of sleep. The app actually recommended I try exercising before bed. I went to a talk by sleep guru, Arianna Huffington a few months prior where she reaffirmed that I’m someone who needs 7-8 hours a sleep a night to be a functional human being. In my head I assumed that’s what I was getting. I have a busy but flexible schedule so it wasn’t my alarm clock that was keeping me up, it was my stress level. And, I wasn’t paying attention to the time I was going to bed and waking up. My brain was on overdrive with my to-do list and deadlines. The next month was a whirlwind. I was in four time zones in less than 30 days. I went from NY –> Paris –> NY –> LA –> Vegas –> NY –> Mykonos. The New York trips were for 1-2 days just to change suitcases and make sure my dog and boyfriend still remembered me. By the time I was back, my stomach and my sleep was a mess, and I was exhausted. Of all the trips, Vegas was the worst — I was cranky non-stop. While it was so fun, the conference I attended had us scheduled from 8am to midnight. That means that by the time I got my work done after returning to my hotel room and woke up early to get ready for the conference each day, I felt the burn out and it severely impacted my mood. The only cure: sleep.

When I got home I decided I needed to cut down on work, refocus and prioritize. My only concerns were my relationship, my dog, my sleep and the actual projects that excited and motivated me and ignored the rest.

I also redid my bedroom and was committed to creating my oasis. We painted the floors white, took out unnecessary furniture and clutter. I got new bedding from Croscil – I literally saw a picture on their website of my dream bedding and ordered the whole collection. I also got the most luxurious bed, a new Beautyrest Black® mattress and created a new rule: the rest of my apartment can be a mess but not my bedroom sanctuary.

Within a week of being back, my stomach was no longer in knots and my sleep was back to averaging 7.5 hours/night (I even hit 9 hours and 22 minutes one of the nights!). Best of all, I felt like an all-around more centered and happier human being. The coaching feature in the app even told me “So far this week, on average, 28% of your sleep has been deep sleep. That’s great – keep doing what you are doing!” I love my virtual sleep coach.

Ever since I started using the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor, I have a stronger understanding of my daily habits and how they affect my sleep. By implementing simple changes and paying attention to what is and what isn’t working for me I’m in such better shape every day to work more productively and feel more energized. And for the days I’m not, I’m now hyper aware of it and my limits.

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor is a complete game changer and $199. Learn more at http://www.beautyrest.com/Sleeptracker

Thank you Beautyrest for partnering with me on this post!

IT Cosmetics Launches 52 New Products at Ulta!

If you’re a major IT Cosmetics fan (like me) make sure you’re sitting down, unless of course you’ve already heard the announcement, they have launched 52 new products!

Major congrats to CEO and co-founder Jamie Kern for being an absolute girl-boss and for creating products that have helped women with their beauty problems everywhere. The brand’s mega success has landed them a well-deserved “wall” of products, separated by individual beauty concerns (Dark circles, blemishes, pores, dry skin, redness…). This oh-so-amazing wall is coming to Ulta’s across the country as well as all 52 of their new products! While there are some brand new additions to the brand, there are also some exciting new extensions to their most popular and existing product lines.

Before I dive into breaking down what’s new, I seriously need to talk about how amazing the launch party was last month. I think I had fomo re-watching my Instagram story the next day, and I was there! In all of my years of attending launches and previews, I have to say that this one takes the cake for being the most creative and engaging. Guests were transported to beauty themed amusement park, complete with foundation compact swings, a giant mascara wand slide, and mascara seesaw and SO much more. Needless to say the selfie opportunities were endless. I got to play with some of IT’s new products and I’m super excited to share them with you guys. All of the products mentioned below are available now at Ulta, Ulta.com, QVC and itcosmetics.com. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Beauty News: Tom Ford’s new fragrance, Fenty Beauty coming soon!, Chanel’s latest ad campaign…

tom ford fucking fabulous fragrances Lots of beauty (and a few fashion) headlines caught our eye this week, for starters…

We’re stalking Rihanna’s Instagram for every hint we can get on her Fenty Beauty collection launching this week — Sept 8th at 12am PT to be exact.

Speaking of things dropping this week… Karl Lagerfeld x Vans launches September 7th.

Tom Ford being Tom Ford launched a new fragrance with a very edgy name, which is no doubt Fucking Fabulous.