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Stuart Weitzman Pellets Shoes

To everyone that knows me, it comes as no surprise that I have a bit of a shoe addiction (they can be found along my closet, behind my door, under the bed, and any off-season shoes in my storage closet).  So lately I’ve been trying to be more responsible with my purchasing habits — if for no other reason then space restraints and to avoid being so wasteful.  So my new rule is no overlap – I do not need another pair of black pumps or brown flats no matter how cute or ‘practical’ they are.

When I first came across Stuart Weitzman’s Pellets shoes (the picture does not do them justice) I didn’t even realize they were made of rubber until I tried them on. And to be clear, I am not a jellies kinda gal, I do however lead an event heavy lifestyle, which when it comes to