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Sun Care = Skin Care

Sun protection

We’ve all heard that healthy skin begins from the inside out. And it’s important not to ignore everything in between (eat right, exercise, get plenty of zzz’s…). It’s what we put in our bodies, on top of it and the lifestyle choices we make that make the biggest impact on putting our best face forward. I covered a lot of these points in my Healthy Skin 101 post last week (if you missed it, click HERE). One of the biggest factor that is important to understand when it comes to caring for our skin is protecting it from the sun.

I get it, it’s finally beach weather and who doesn’t want to soak up these sun-filled summer months, sun bathe and be bronzed and beautiful! Unfortunately, that’s not a reality unless you want to slather yourself in SPF, wear a sun hat and then head home to douse yourself in self tanner or body bronzers. Besides the risks of skin cancer from overexposure to the sun, the stagering statistic that 90% of skin aging is a direct result of UV light exposure is nothing to ignore. So what’s the best anti-aging remedy? Staying out of the sun. What else can you do about it? Plenty.

1. Wear SPF. As an Aveeno ambassador I always have a healthy supply of SPF in all forms around the apartment. If radient, youthful skin is at all something you care about (you know it is!) make sure you’re wearing a minimum of an SPF 15 and the sunscreen has broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Don’t forget to reapply every 1-2 hours (this goes for any brand sunscreen). And