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Are you an ACTIVE NATURAL? PC Partners with AVEENO to award $10K Grants

If you happened to pick up the new May issue of Elle Magazine, flip to page 130!!

Weeee! I'm in an AVEENO advertorial in ELLE!

Yup, that’s me! I’m thrilled to be partnering with AVEENO and so honored to serve as an an ambassador for their BE AN ACTIVE NATURAL campaign!

For AVEENO, being an ACTIVE NATURAL is at the core of the brand’s values and something they are committed to in both their products and as a lifestyle. As ingredients ACTIVE NATURALS care for your skin and hair to make a healthier and more beautiful difference. As people, ACTIVE NATURALS care for their communities to also make a real difference. For me, getting to partner with one of the most reputable skin care brands is exciting enough, but to do so for a campaign that’s focused around making a difference… I’m elated!

*Deep breathe* Aveeno called me a HERO

So, in celebration of my fellow ACTIVE NATURALS across the country, AVEENO is awarding eight grants in the amount of $10,000!!! To enter, visit AVEENO’s Facebook page and tell them what you’re doing to enrich, engage, and encourage a beautiful change in your community. Apply now at Facebook.com/Aveeno.

If you visit the “HEROES” tab on their Facebook page you can learn more about my fellow ambassadors and how we strive to be ACTIVE NATURALS. Or you can watch my video they posted below. I am so flattered to have been chosen by AVEENO and to be acknowledged as an ACTIVE NATURAL. It’s such a honor to have the opportunity to couple both of my passions and hopefully inspire some of you to make a difference as well as spread the word about this wonderful campaign.

{What makes me an ACTIVE NATURAL}


I’m lucky to have grown up with a philanthropic mother who always taught me the importance of volunteering and giving back. And in addition to using my website to promote brands, like AVEENO striving to make a difference, I mentor with the non-profit organization, STOKED, that serves to promote personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living to under-served youth through action sports (snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing) and community service programs.

If you’re an ACTIVE NATURAL or know someone who is, APPLY!

**Style moment (all about scarves): In the AVEENO ad I am wearing an Express scarf, in the picture where I’m holding the magazine, I’m in the Lolly Gauze Fringe Scarf and in the video I’m wearing a mark. scarf.