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PC Reviews: L’Oreal Paris Liquid Lipcolour, BB Cream, Ombre Eyeshadow, Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara (and more!)

Over the holidays, I received a lovely package from L’Oreal and was literally so overwhelmed with product that it wasn’t until last week, I took it out of the packaging and started playing with it — and there’s so much good stuff!

L'Oreal Paris makeup

For starters the L’Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier Anti-Fatigue BB Cream ($10.99) – it’s fantastic! I’ve tried a lot of BB Creams and this one is more lightweight and hydrating then the others. And in all honesty the way the term BB is thrown around it’s in a bit of a grey area if this qualifies as one (there’s no SPF, it’s not really a foundation and I’m not sure how many skincare properties it holds…), but no matter, it did what it promised by waking up my skin.