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Five Nail Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Ahem…everyone should know!

1. Roll, don’t shake – Shaking a bottle of nail polish can result in bubbles. Instead, roll it (the bottle should be upright) between your hands; fingers to palm, back and forth.

2. Vitamins can help– If your nails are dry or brittle, break open a capsule of vitamin E oil and massage it into your nails (I like to do it at night before I go to bed).

3. Matches to the rescue – If you’re out in public and you chip a nail, use the strike strip to file your nail.

4. Wear a base coat – It’s an easy step to overlook when you’re in a rush to do your nails, but failure to do so can cause the polish to seep into your nail bed and dye your fingernails (especially darker shades). Plus they act like a primer for nail polish and offer a more uniform and longer lasting application.

5. File nails in one direction – filing back and forth can damage and split your nails.

Have any tricks of your own? Leave a comment and share them:)