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PC named Top 100 Beauty Bloggers to Bedeck and Bedazzle with Gifts by Sparkah!

Every morning it’s always the same routine, half wake up, reach for my iPhone and before even getting out of bed, check my email, twitter, and instagram before starting my day. This morning I woke up to a tweet from Robert Kim, marketing expert, social ninja and author congratulating me on making the list with a link!

When I clicked through, Pretty Connected was listed as Top 100 Beauty Bloggers to Bedeck And Bedazzle With Gifts, Literally by Sparkah. Such a compliment! Sparkah is new media business growth consultancy that develops strategic marketing alliances and exposes business to the top bloggers in their industry.

And there I am!! The bio they used is from my twitter profile from my handle @prettyconnected.

So if you’d like to shower me with gifts and compliments, you have Sparkah’s approval! Although I have to say that’s a slippery slope. Yes, it’s the blogger dream to be showered in beauty products,