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Celebrating National Relaxation Day with Tommy Bahama (and upcoming NYC store launch)

Last night was an epically amazing evening filled with laughter, drinks and baseball – yup, I’m talking about National Relaxation Day with Tommy Bahama

Known for their relaxed, ‘island life’ style, the fashion brand brought their persona to life by treating us editors to an evening at Yankee Stadium. They had us so relaxed  at the upstairs bar suite, sipping our Bronx bomer beverages (featuring Tommy Bahama Rum), that I hardly noticed the rain delay was nearly 2 hours.

Then it was game on Yankees vs. Rangers and onto our box we went. In all my times at Yankee stadium, this was my first box experience, and it was awesome! I guess it’s Madison Sq. Garden that has me tainted since up until now I associate boxes with big plexi glass and being so far back you feel removed from the game – so not the case at Yankee Stadium. We had great views, no glass barriers, a stocked bar, and full on catering.

{Game on!}

While I’m not a Yankees fan (or Rangers fan for that matter) I did get a little glossy eyed when I ended up in the elevator with Brian Cashman — who was beaming over the Yankees win — and may or may not ended that ride by initiating some high-fives. (I’m the worst red sox fan on the planet.)

National Relaxation Day was just the beginning!  Launching in November, Tommy Bahama will premiere their first New York City Flagship store with what they call “Manhattan Island”. We’re talking in addition to a retail store carrying their apparel, footwear, accessories and homegoods collection; they will be opening a restaurant and bar. (It’s going to be massive!) The flagship will celebrate their “Life is One Long Weekend” philosophy which I fully support.