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WHCD: PC on the Red Carpet with Conan O’Brien, Sophia Vergara, Michelle Dockery, Gayle King and more #nerdprom

Conan O'Brien, WHCD
On the red carpet with Conan O’Brien, host of the 2013 WHCD

Every year, I look forward to visiting DC for the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner (WHCD). Nicknamed ‘nerd prom’ it’s that special time of year, when celebrities take over Washington and the President gets to debut his stand up comedy routine poking fun at everything from the press, his Republican opponents, the popularity of Michelle’s bangs to, of course, himself. Hosted by Conan O’Brien at the Washington Hilton, it’s arguably DC’s social event of the year. Or for some, an excuse to wear a gown and mingle with your favorite celebrities. Spotted on the red carpet…

Sofia Vergara, whcd
Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara