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The Ultimate Spin Experience: FLYWHEEL

Flywheel Sports, the new indoor cycling studio founded by former New York Giant’s running back and TV personality, Tiki Barber, and legendary spin instructor Ruth Zuckerman, opens it’s doors next week.  Flywheel will also feature a yoga and exercise studio.

Spin-enthusiasts, cyclists, bicyclists, triathletes, (or anyone interested in trying indoor cycling or just looking to get in shape) get excited! Flywheel offers state of the art equipment and technology.  Each bike features a monitor that tracks riders rpm/cadence, resistance, and energy.  Your individual performance data is then stored and available after every ride under the ‘my performance’ page at www.flywheelsports.com.  This is a great feature for anyone in training or looking to monitor progress.

I was lucky to get a sneak preview of the facilities, and the opportunity to take Ruth Zuckerman’s Fly 45 class for what I can only describe as the ultimate spin experience.   It’s no wonder Ruth has been credited for being part of the force behind the NYC indoor cycling craze; she is amazing.  Zuckerman knows when to motivate you when you’re tired, inspire you when you don’t think you can do another second, and push you to propel your biking to the next level.  Plus, they understand the importance of