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I Interviewed and worked out with Dominique Dawes and Tide Pods


Last week I took a gymnastics class with Dominique Dawes as part of the Small But Powerful Tide Pods event. She’s one of the Magnificent Seven and was literally one of my child heroes. Coupling that with my major Olympic fever I consider it a win that I managed to not pass out during my interview with her — although her workout had me sore for two days. Tide is a sponsor of the Olympics and of Dawes and Simone Biles who both appear in their The Evolution of Power video. Drawing parallels on how detergents have evolved from large amounts of powder, to a cup of liquid and now Tide Pods. It illustrates how the amounts of detergent have gotten smaller over time and more powerful.  Biles exemplifies this #smallbutpowerful message, ruling the sport at 4 feet 8″. Check out their campaign video:


I think it’s great, since at 5′ 9″, I now have an excuse as to why my splits looks like this…


Dawes led us in a stretch and gymnastics 101 class before the instructors took over to have us use the facility at Chelsea Piers, while we rotated having 1 on 1 interviews with her. dominque-dawes-tidepods

My Interview with Dominique Dawes:

PC: What would go through your head when you’re competing at the Olympics?

DD: I try to take myself back to my home gym, the gym that I started at in Wheaton, Maryland… Because that was where I started, where I fell in love with the sport, and where it was fun. It wasn’t a back job then so I would always have that vision in my head when I was competing.

PC: What are your top 3 beauty products?

DD: My top three are water, Black African Soap and natural, organic Shea Butter. (Brands were not specified).


PC: What is your best stress management tip

DD: Breathing. Relax, take a deep breath and count to 10. Because when you’re not relaxing and you’re not breathing, and you’re not just taking things in and putting them into perspective, you over analyze. And that’s when paralyze yourself from doing things.

PC: What is your biggest stress management tip?

DD: Taking one step at a type. I used to be very type A and it was all about productivity, productivity, plan, plan, plan. But now as a mother of two and being a wife it’s about taking one step at a time and if you don’t get it all done, oh well there’s going to be another day ahead if you’re blessed.

For anyone that missed Biles Small but Powerful Tide Pods commercial it’s worth a watch:


Thank you Tide for this truly special experience!

Tide Loads of Hope Vintage T-Shirts

I’m generally not one for logo shirts, however I love my new Tide ‘Loads of Hope’ vintage t-shirt –I wear it loud and proud considering it goes to such a worthy cause. Tide ‘Loads of Hope’ program was founded in 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina to provide clean clothes and help renew a sense of hope to families in New Orleans impacted by the hurricane.  All the profits from the sale of the tees benefit families affected by the natural disaster.  To date, they have washed over 33,000 loads of laundry for more than 22,000 families. Talk about feel good fashion!

They are incredibly soft and comfortable and have a nice fit. I’m generally a small in shirts however I went with the medium since they run tight and I like my shirts long (but still fitted).

Tide ‘Loads of Hope’ tee comes men (SM-XXL) and women’s (SM-XL) sizes in your choice of blue, green, orange, red or yellow. The front of the shirt features the ‘Tide’ logo, and on the back of the shirt reads ‘loads of love’.

Tide ‘Loads of Hope’ tees can