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Inside the Landmark Forum: Live Your Life Powerfully and Live a Life You Love

What started as a curiosity turned into a life changing experience for me — and more so a better understanding of myself and the life I want to live. Over the past few years The Landmark Forum has come up in conversation; I had a friend tell me it helped her get over a breakup, another friend say it helped him with his career path, and some other similar anecdotes that all ended with life changing experiences.

While none of these incidents at the time caused me to sign up or dig deeper, with every story I heard I grew more curious until finally this summer I was having lunch in LA with a producer friend (who I never expected to have done it) and that was the final straw. None of these friends of mine had anything in common; how was this program making such a difference?

Let me back up by explaining what The Landmark Forum is. It’s a 3 day + 1 night program available all over the world that’s set up in a workshop setting where there are anywhere from 75-250 participants and one instructor leading a series of exercises geared around better communication and personal development. While many