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2/26 Mark Your Calendar for MAKERS: Women Who Make America


Upon walking into the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center for the red carpet premiere of the documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America”, I immediately felt this a ridiculous fierce energy just knowing I was surrounded by some of the most groundbreaking women in America.  Proudly presented by PBS, AOL and Simple Facial Skincare, in walked the likes of Gloria Steinem, Allison Williams, Katie Couric, Amy Goodman, Marlo Thomas (alongside husband, Phil Donanhue) and Tavi Gevinson (to name a few).  As part of a sneak preview of the documentary, they let guests view the 1st hour and  part of the third.  The film is a unique initiative that documents the extraordinary impact women from all walks of life have made in America over the past 50 years. The ladies featured filled me with tears of inspiration and awe.

Mark your calendars (literally go get a pen!), MAKERS: Women Who Make America debuts on airs February 26, at 8PM on PBS.  Watch the preview here.

Tavi – The Little Blogger that Could


I am immensely impressed and taken by Tavi, the 13yr old blogger/fashionista, who founded ‘Style Rookie Blog’.  I have been following Tavi for quite some time now as she earned her way into the spotlight.  Through her impressive writing skills and content worthy posts, she’s been awarded global recognition, and a collaboration with Target for their line with Rodarte. View collection HERE.

See Tavi in action at the Rodarte for Target line HERE.

I pretty much lost it while watching this video; she’s amazing!  It’s difficult to consider this young lady a rookie, and incidentally I’m not entirely sure that title is still valid considering Tavi will has a featured column in January’s Harper’s Bazaar — So remarkable, and well deserved.  What an inspiration!

I would like to meet her parents.