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Maria Sharapova launches Sugarpova at Henri Bendel

Today, I joined #1 tennis superstar, Maria Sharpova at Henri Bendel’s for the  launch of her new gummy line, Sugarpova. Yup, I’m talking candy — and a whole lot of it — 13 different bags to be exact in fun, fashionably shapes and colors including:

Regular Gummies
1 Chic: High Heels, Purses, Sunglasses
2 Flirty: Lips
3 Silly: Worms
4 Sassy: Lemons, Bananas, Strawberries, Cherries, Grapes
5 Splashy: Aquatic Life
6 Cheeky: Bears

Sour Gummies
7 Flirty: Lips, Hearts, Stars
8 Silly: Worms
9 Sassy: Lemons, Bananas, Strawberries, Cherries, Grapes
10 Spooky: Spiders
11 Smitten: Rainbow strips

And also…
12 Sporty: Tennis Gum Balls
13 Quirky: Licorice Revolvers

“Creating Sugarpova has been an exciting labor of love,” says Sharapova. “My tennis and business schedules keep me traveling worldwide, and I confess to having a sweet tooth that knows what it wants! When I didn’t find it in the marketplace, I decided to create the type of candy that girls like me crave.”

{What’s in the bags… fun shaped gummies}

{The women of the hour! Maria greeting fans earlier today}