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Sneak Peek at Sue Wong’s Fall 2012 Collection

For all of you Sue Wong fans take a sneak peek into her Fall 2012 collection, for what you have to look forward to!

I had the pleasure of joining the designer on a walk through her showroom and tour of the collection. The theme for her fall link “Autumn Sonata.” She continues to bring out her staple 20s and 30s inspired silhouettes and flapperesk beading and movement. Sue is all about the details! Hand-died chiffon, embroidery, beading all fitting for as she says, “her warrior goddesses”. Her designs are powerful and exudes such confidence for any woman walking into a room in one.

When asked about her loyal following and what brings women back to her designs she attributes it to her strong understanding of the feminine physique (something a lot of designers don’t have), and how she designs to accentuate the positive and cuts her dresses for real women.

{Sue Wong shows us her Fall 2012 collection}

{I Love the back on the number}

{This flapperesk mini-dress is one of my favorites! Look at that bead work.}

{Fall 2012 room view}


Sue Wong is also the first designer to have designed a pen collection with Acme pens!

{Sue Wong with her Acme pen collection}