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FashInvest connects Fashion Innovators with Potential Funding Players

A little while back I shared the news of FashInvest. This conference is a unique forum for fashion start-ups to attend lectures and critiques by influential industry players and investors. They pitch their new business ideas, getting immediate feedback from venture capitalists.  Most companies presented online tools confirming the trend that online is where the money is in today’s market.

A total of 17 curated entrepreneurs presented their ideas to potential investors. My top pick is Fitted Fashion (Acustom).  Fitted Fashion is a revolutionary digital tailoring service that can scan your body in 3 minuets and produce a customized personalized pattern.  This can then be used time and again to reorder or shop online for the right fit.  CEO Jamal Motlagh shared that 85% of customers say they hesitate to buy online because of fit. If the technology is as accurate as they say, it just might be Fitted Fashion that walks away with an investment.

Kevin Ryan (CEO of Gilt Groupe), Julie Macklowe of VBeaute, and Steven Alan were highlighted speakers.  They imparted advice to people looking to start their own endeavour sighting a passion that the every day requirements of running your own business requires. “It is all day everyday – 24/7.”, Macklowe shared, “Money and profitability are 2 things you need to watch closely. It helps that I am my own investor”.  It certainly does!

Alan took more of a creative approach. “Don’t be afraid to make changes, or change course if need be. The process is organic, respond to your customers and what they are buying.”

There is a lot of innovation happening in the world of fashion right now and it was exciting to get a peek into the next wave. Although owning your own business can be one of the scariest things you can do, it is also seems to be one of the most rewarding.