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PC How To Campaign with Carefree & Glam.com: How to Pack Like A Pro

on set with glam.com

So many of you know I was in LA last month shooting with Carefree and Glam.com some segments. Our first video campaign just launched and features my travel tips on “How to Pack Like A Pro” — and how to pack smart for a weekend trip.

Father’s Day: Portable Audio Top Picks

Most guys love audio, some more than others. Personally, I can never get enough hardware, whether in the studio or going around the city. These are my three favorite portable devices, each of them serves a discrete situation very well. With Father’s Day a few days away here are our top picks:

audio guide top picks
Sennheiser Momentum: I’ve had these in my round up for well over a year. They look great, sound great and are comfortable even with glasses on, unlike temple-crushing Beats. Not only that, but there is great care taken in the design of the details, such as the remote and swivel jack. I’ve put some serious miles on these and only love them more with time.
Sol Republic Deck Wireless Speaker: When I watch movies off of my laptop, these connect quickly using bluetooth. They are small enough to take with me on my travels, tucking easily within my laptop bag. The sound for the size is admirable for the speaker size and the battery life is amazing – it really holds a charge.
Soundcast Melody:  On the larger size of portable, but thats what you need sometimes. With its size comes a much richer and balanced sound than you would normally get from a ‘carry around’ kind of bluetooth speaker. I’ve used this for everything from laptop movies, stoop parties and even in my classic 1977 Landcruiser which doesn’t have a sound system to speak of – unless you like AM/FM. It actually amazes me that I can hear it over the engine and wind noise. There are so many uses for this: poolside, on the boat, in the park or at the beach.