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Algae, Silica, Lava and our tour of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

For those who missed it, I recently went on an incredible trip to Iceland (which I highly recommend if you love to travel) and one of the top spots on my must-see list was the legendary Blue Lagoon. It is after all one of the Wonders of the World! And while most of you are familiar with the pool — the Blue Lagoon draws in thousands of visitors annually, all seeking to reap the benefits of it’s healing geothermal seawater — they also have an incredible skincare line that’s a wonder all on it’s own.

So what makes this water and skincare line so incredible for your skin? The secret is in it’s amazing natural active ingredients: silica, algae, and a unique blend of pure minerals. All of these ingredients are incredible for your body, and while in Iceland I was treated to a private tour with my friend and fellow blogger, Danielle Gray to see how the product line is made and learn more about these powerful ingredients. Algae, many of you are familiar with for its anti-aging properties, silica on the other hand was all new to me and a special ingredient native to Iceland you should have on your radar. It is notorious for strengthening and rebuilding the skin’s properties. Powerful natural minerals contain powerful revitalizing effects. It’s important to note that all of these products are harvested utilizing a zero waste process, so Blue Lagoon skin care adheres to eco-friendly sustainability. (So freakin’ cool!)

As we toured the facility we saw how the silica is harvested and the lava is made from the area. I broke down the iconic masks from the Blue Lagoon Shop (which you can check out for yourself here) and why the active ingredients are so beneficial for your skin. As well as the lip balm because it’s epic! If you’re into triple masking like me, the order is Lava Scrub, Silica Mud Mask and then Algae Mask. The first product launched in 1995 and now they have an extensive product line, but these masks are the heroes of the line.