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Australia Hotel Review: Gold Coast Sheraton Mirage Resort

The Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast

Well we made it to Australia! Our first stop Brisbane, although we drove right through, heading less then an hour south to the Gold Coast. The reputation of Gold Coast is it’s the Miami of Australia, although I would have to broaden that stereotype to the Florida of Australia (or specifically somewhere between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami) with all the theme parks such as Sea World and high rises everywhere. Originally we planned on spending a day here before heading further south which is known for it’s secluded beaches. However, we were so taken by hotel stay at the Sheraton Mirage Resort we reconsidered. The Sheraton is the best of both worlds. It’s located less than a mile from Surfer’s Paradise where the main shopping area and hotels are but is it’s own secluded paradise. Located right on a clean and private beach, it has a breathtaking sunset and the hotel property is a dream in and of itself. Surrounded in pools and palm trees, it’s clean, and so open and spacious.