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A Moment with Piers Morgan…


{James, me and Piers Morgan!}


{Next time we’re wearing newscaster outfits!}


{Inside the control room}

I confess, I’ve been scrambling this week. I was committed to not working today to give my boyfriend, James a 100% of my attention (he took the day off) for his birthday which could not have fallen on a busier week. In attempting to do so, I pulled my first all nighter since college (the lack of beauty sleep shows in the pictures) and forgot to plan the day! Fortunately, I have the best friends in the world and texted one of my dearest, Shant this afternoon asking if he could give us a private tour at Piers Morgan. (We made a last minute plan to see the “Playing with Fire” exhibit at the MAD Museum across the street) Well it’s true what they say about 12/12/12 birthdays — they are lucky! Piers Morgan himself (right before he had to go on set live) came with our tour!