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Scotch Tape DIY


In the past year my creativity has been shot. I used to have time to scrapbook and do DIY and art projects. Now I’m lucky to get in my 6 hours of sleep. Of which, most of my time slumbering I’m fantasizing about a summer home one day, with space and actual storage potential. My current DIY projects involve how to creatively hide my packages and gift bags from my boyfriend and so when we entertain it doesn’t look like we live in a Sephora sample sale. Earlier this month I stopped by the Scotch tape event and it was so fun to spend a night playing with tape — and not just any tape, but every type the Scotch brand offers and beyond.

The first photo above may seem like a normal office setting but in fact there is a piece of the original Scotch Magic Tape across the keyboard of that laptop to get the dust out of the keyboard (genius, I know!). The tape can also be used on glasses and cups to write your name on with magic marker as well as grided across a vase to make your long stem flowers stand up better — yes I did it myself! Also in the desk I spied some Super Glue which I didn’t even know they made.