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Women’s Health x FEED Hamptons Weekend + Giveaway

Lara Eurdolian, Lorna Solano at FEED x Women's Health Hamptons event This weekend I was in the Hamptons with Women’s Health for an amazing day of wellness and raising awareness for the FEED Foundation. The morning started at their VP & Publisher. Laura Frerer-Schmidt’s home in Montauk where they brought some of the big names fitness and health for a series of classes and education. The lineup included celebrity yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, dietitian, Keri Glassman, celebrity trainer Heidi Powell, photographer James Houston, Garden Manager at Golden Door Spa Jeff Dawson, and their Executive Chef, Greg Frey. Our friends at GLAMSQUAD we’re also on hand offering hair and makeup services throughout the day.

women's health gift bag giveawayThe gift bag from the event, pictured above is filled with takeaways from the day to boost your mind and body (inside and out) and we’re giving one away!

Join Neiman Marcus at SXSW and Make Some Noise!

There is an amazing amount of talented women speaking and performing during the Neiman Marcus MAKE SOME NOISE 2015 event during SXSW. Celebrating bold women with bold voices, the multi-brand prestige retailer is returning to Austin with a three-day event celebrating its empowering, female-driven initiative, “Make Some Noise, Bold Women Bold Voices”.

Check out this lineup! Rebecca Minkoff, Marina and the Diamonds, Laura Dern, Rosario Dawson (and that’s just the icing on the cake)! People, get in on this!

Neiman Marcus SXSW event

Make Some Noise is a Neiman Marcus brand platform championing bold woman with bold voices who are shaking up the status quo and leading the way forward.  Celebrating noisemakers in technology, fashion, music, food, art, and business, Neiman Marcus inspires all women to join in, use their voices and make some noise. “Make Some Noise” in Austin will serve as the peak event for the year-round campaign celebrating women.

To join in on the fun be sure to RSVP at www.NeimanMarcus.com/MakeSomeNoise

A full Hollywood showing for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

I wish Fred Armisen was my date to nerd prom! Until then I'll settle for a photo...

I find it extremely entertaining that I can completely burn out on the NYC event scene, and yet have the time of my life participating if it’s in a different city… Maybe it’s time to move or just that the weekend of The White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) DC is just that fun. (I’m going with the latter).

First off, the fact that the WHCD is referred to as nerd prom is kind of hilarious — which would only be outdone if it actually involved more cuberbunds, awkward glasses and the most outlandish frizzy hair possible; while in actuality it’s a very formal affair with the crowd dressed to the nines and more celebrities in one evening then all of fashion week combined.

The only people not expected to be on their best behavior is our President and host, Jimmy Kimmel who take the stage as though it’s an episode of Comedy Central’s Roast — and maybe Woody Harrelson as the representative of the stoner community.

{My lovely fellow writers with the ever-so-classy (and gracious) Diane Sawyer}

The event takes place at the Washington Hilton and right before the dinner the pre-cocktail events begin in the hotel. Amy and I hit up the CBS/National Journal/Atlantic party which was pact! We had a few glasses of wine, took pictures in the photobooth and mingled with the crowd.

{The most hilarious picture of Claire Danes and Bob Schaffer}

I saw Lindsay Lohan’s head pop through the crowd, but all eyes we’re on Claire Danes, who was standing next to Bob Schaffer! As I made my way over, he moved out of the way, so humble trying to not block the way; only to be surprised that he was the one I was gunning for! It didn’t seem appropriate to say, I’ve been watching you since I was a child, so I went with, “I’ve been watching you forever” — to which he replied, “I’ve been on forever”.  All I needed was Charles Osgood and my evening would be complete.

{Me and Bob Schaffer!}

Rosario Dawson, Mary J. Blige and Gayle King formed a nice corner and mingled amongst themselves and fans. Rosario Dawson, who is STUNNING (how is she not a spokeswoman for a beauty brand? Her skin is amazing!) and I bonded over Burning Man.

{Mary J. Blige could not have been sweeter}

{I’ll see you on the playa!}

{Rosario Dawson chatting with Gayle King}

{Mary J. Blige and Norah O’Donnell}

The cocktail party concluded and the dinner guests filed downstairs, while the rest of us formed a viewing party and had dinner upstairs in the hotel. It’s funny to eat dinner and watch Obama speak knowing he’s directly one floor below. Then once the dinner concludes we all regroup in the lobby, which is an even larger red carpet scene then the actual parties!

{Diane Keaton!}

{Barbara Walters!}

{Mother and daughter duo Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson}

{Bruce and Kris Jenner with Kim Kardashian}

{Calling Malin Akerman!}

{Viola Davis}

{I wonder what Ivanka Trump thought of the hits on her dad}

{I never thought Newt Gingrich would make my blog…}

{My lovely date Amy is wearing BCBG, and I’m in a one-of-a-kind hand made Daniel Feld (head designer for Kymerah), and Betsey Johnson jacket (pictured above)}

Eventually, I’ll update the Pretty Connected Facebook page with the whole album, so check back for more photos from the evening…

White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

In the words of Seth Meyer’s (mere hours before the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner host would deliver these words in his speech), “its so amazing to be in DC, in all of this history, all these amazing buildings and yet here we are at the Hilton. The red carpet outside was amazing! ‘Who are you wearing’, ‘what does it matter, I’m going into a Hilton'”.

My sentiments almost exactly as I started getting ready for the WHCD pre-dinner reception. As I strapped on my long, black, Nicole Miller gown I needed about ten rounds of confirmation that I wasn’t overdressed. Both the dinner and all of the official pre-receptions were hosted at the Washington Hilton–I missed that on the invite. As you entered the hotel, the entry way is overhauled by photographers and press as you walk through the red carpet. Once you’ve passed the lobby, there are two floors of pre-dinner receptions hosted by various publications.

Dress: Nicole Miller

Amy and I headed to the 2nd floor for the CBS News/The Atlantic/NationalJournal pre-dinner reception. It was hosted in a tent on the terrace and it kind of felt like a wedding reception, except for the part where there are random celebrities walking around. That, and I’m not used to wearing a dress that falls below my knees.

My highlights included meeting Chelsea Handler who is hilarious, and getting silly with Vampire Diaries actors Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev who we’re so fun and seemed to be enjoying the photo-booth feature. And yes, they are very attractive.

Nina Dobrev, Lara Eurdolian (me!)

After the receptions, guests lucky enough to be invited to the official dinner filed downstairs while the rest of us watched from the lounge. It’s kind of amazing listening to Seth Meyers and Obama’s speeches knowing they are only mere floors below. Strangely enough several celebrities kept leaving the dinner to hit up the Bloomberg party –or some party that went through the lounge. The buzz of course being Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson who power walked by twice, the first time holding hands, and the second with their arms around each other. I’ll it admit I was a little surprised to see the duo, but more so the amount of chatter in the room over it.

After the dinner, the lobby filled up with guests mingling and getting ready for the after parties. I took the opportunity to change and do a little mingling of my own…


Ian Somerhalder, Lara Eurdolian
Chelsea Handler, Lara Eurdolian (obsessed!)
Lara Eurdolian, Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Rosario Dawson, Lara Eurdolian
Steve Buscemi
Anna Paquin

Outfit change, then on to the Washington Life after-party. I mean seriously… this face has after-party written all over it (I lasted less than an hour).

OUTFIT: Top: Elizabeth and James, Jeggings: AE, Shoes: Nicole Miller, Bag: Longchamp

For more pictures from the event, visit the Pretty Connected Facebook page HERE.