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Muddy feet and showerheads

I’ve always considered myself outdoorsy but I didn’t really prioritize going to the park, doing weekend trips to the beach and hiking as much until I rescued Charlie last year. Now we’re out as much as possible since exercise, especially for senior pups is so important. And we encourage him to go off leash and run around play in the grass but it’s all fun and games until it’s muddy feet — and we have white floors and light bedding so the foot washing scene is real in our home.

For Charlie this is just another day in Central Park, playing in the grass (post rain is the worst!). It brings a whole new meaning to dog days of summer. Embarrassingly enough I usually bathe Charlie at my office apartment since it’s only a few blocks away and has a full tub in it and James and my real apartment only has a shower in it.

So if we do bathe Charlie at our place it’s usually in the kitchen sink, which is not ideal. The most amazing solution (and only $59) is the Propel Spot Resist Handheld Shower! It’s available in 3 finishes, Chrome, Mediterranean Bronze, and Spot Resist Brushed Nickel and super easy to assemble and a total game changer.

Additional features include five spray options and a 4.5-inch spray face for enhanced water coverage. And what that all boils down to is this shower head has changed my life. Especially since it’s so much easier washing his feet with it than running a full bath. The long hose makes it so easy for me to wash him standing up or at the foot of the shower — our old shower head obviously didn’t reach, which made that entire shower next to impossible to bathe him in. It also makes for a more productive bath for Charlie since it’s a more targeted wash with the handheld to wash off his shampoo and conditioner. Otherwise trying to accomplish taking off the soap later with a faucet requires using a bowl to wash it off. Plus James and I are enjoying it so much more than the showerhead our apartment came with.