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Montblanc Debuts Princesse Grace de Monaco Fine Jewelry Collection in US

When I think of Mont Blanc, I automatically think pens and watches (and a mountain range I’d very much like to see). Although the luxury brand also has an extensive fine jewelry line as well which is making it’s debut in North America. In addition to a classic jewelry collection, Mont Blanc has created a special Princesse Grace de Monaco (or as many of us Americans refer to her as, Grace Kelly) Collection. Paying tribute to the elegance and iconic legacy of Princess of Monaco, the collection is filled with timeless, delicate pieces available in different golds with diamond accents. I’m particularly found of the infinity necklace!

{The Princesse Grace de Monaco collection}

{Montblanc classic collection — featuring their iconic logo}

Mont Blanc also has a more affordable line — it was explained to me as more of an “impulse purchase” collection, filled with very funky pieces.