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Neil Patrick Harris Want You to Get a Checkup

Cigna Health Insurance is encouraging everyone to get an annual checkup and they are using TV doctors to do it in their amazingly hilarious campaign, Cigna’s TV Doctors of America. The line up includes Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Dempsey, Kate Walsh, Donald Faison and Jane Seymour (where my ER doctors at?), they’ve saved lives on TV and now they are trying to do just the same in real life.

According to the CDC, if everyone in America gets the preventative care they need, more than 100,000 lives would be saved (more on the stats/campaign HERE).

To help spread the message Neil Patrick Harris hosted a fitness class yesterday let by his personal trainer, Alex Dropo at NYSC Lab in Chelsea. Neil opened with some remarks about his family and how important it is for him stay in good health and be a role model and encouraged the furthered Cigna’s message about getting annual check-ups and taking control of your own health. From there the workout class commenced and both Alex and Neil thoroughly kicked my a$$… All I can say is Neil Patrick Harris is in insane shape. I was lucky enough to be in his 4 person group for the second half of the class, which admittedly I tried to back out of because I have zero upper body strength (I’m more of a cycler/runner). I powered through though thanks to Neil and the group that gave me tips, kept our energy up and helped push me through it.