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Ouidad Fashion Week Photoshoot with Lord Ashbury

lord ashbury ouidad photoshoot lara eurdolianWhen it comes to curly hair, Ouidad is the expert. In fact her namesake line was the first curly-hair specific products I ever purchased well over a decade ago. Back then the packaging was different and products of this caliber didn’t exist. Her salon, which opened in the 80s was the first to exclusively cut curly hair and cater to the wavy and super curly hair community.

noelle downing, natalie zfat and lara eurdolian
Behind the scenes with Noelle Downing and Natalie Zfat

During fashion week I joined the brand for an exclusive photo shoot hosted by Natalie Zfat and the incredibly talented photographer, Lord Ashbury. I walked in with my grungy curls, fresh out of the shower and product-less and with just three Ouidad products, my amazing hair stylist Nikki Providence completely revived and transformed my curls to their best selves. To be photographed at Sixty Soho by such talent like Lord Ashbury was so great and how bomb are my curls?!?!

ouidad nyfw photo shoot wiht lord ashbury lara eurdolian

Using all Ouidad products (obviously) Nikki walked me through the ones best suited for my loose curls and showed me how to use them.

My hair was already dry and falling flat by the time I arrived at the shoot (I had a 7am fashion show call time and my shoot wasn’t until 2pm).  We started with the Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray, spritzing the product directly on the curls that needed to be revived. She then twisted the curl in its natural direction and scrunched it up to help re-boost it. When hair is wet it reignites the curl and since hydrated curls curl better this product works on both fronts. It’s light and moisturizing so you can use it generously throughout your hair and that wetting effect helps bring those curls back to life.