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DC Cupcake Season Finale –Katherine and Ben Get Engaged!

Cupcake Engagement Ring!

This month reality TV series DC Cupcakes premiered the season finale of their 2nd season. The show, which is centered around two sisters, Katherine and Sophie, who traded their corporate jobs to open the cupcake bakery, Georgetown Cupcake.

The finale, labeled “Katherine’s Surprise”, follows Sophie as she attempts to plan and surprise her sister with an engagement party for her and fiancé, Ben. Funny enough, I was there for the party and taping of the episode (random, right?). Although until the finale aired I wasn’t able to talk about it –I signed a waiver.

Enjoying my amazing cupcakes gift box! Dress: Nicole Miller

Ben and I share a very close mutual friend who asked me to be his date to the event. I’m not sure what I was expecting out of a surprise engagement party –maybe a huge crowd and an even larger cake? Frankly I didn’t care. It was filmed in mid-January, back when I was recovering from a partially collapsed lung (and you thought you had a bad week), and needed out of NY. Any excuse to get out of bed, void of take-out and sweats and put on a form fitting dress (ahem Nicole Miller) sounded like a dream.

The party was hosted in a private room at contemporary Asia-French fusion restaurant, OYA. I walked in and was surprised to see it was an intimate gathering of close friends and family of maybe 25 people…and uh, me!

Ben and Katherine walked in and we’re both glowing, as the crowd yelled surprise. I would like to take a moment to appreciate the ginormous cupcake engagement ring Sophie made! It was unreal!