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I Love Jewelry Auctions

In the age of this dot.com boom where everyone’s got a million dollar idea, it still seems rare to hear an actual success story.

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Jordann Weingarnter started I Love Jewelry Auctionsa fashion accessories company started out of her home that is sold exclusively though Facebook (as in the social network is the ONLY place to purchase her jewelry), and every piece is under $50. Cultivating an online community, I LOVE Jewelry Auctions has gained over 150K likes in less than a year and has made over $2 million dollars since launch! Sales happen three days a week with jewelry options with a vide variety of pieces suited for all different ages and aesthetics. Buying is as easy as leaving a comment, and ships anywhere in the country within 48 hrs!

Jordann Image Credit Robert Nelson

Prior to launching the wildly successful I Love Jewelry Auctions Facebook business she did PR for Cartier and then founded her first jewelry site, Jordann Jewelry (www.jordannjewelry.com). Jordann has become the new face of web entrepreneurs – one that doesn’t need funding or years to build technology. Click HERE to see how its done – it’s so simple you will be amazed. Even Facebook is impressed, considering many have tried and failed to use Facebook as a viable selling platform; Facebook is currently using Jordann to promote their new initiative Facebook Marketing – www.facebook.com/marketing.

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