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Lifestyle Apps We Can’t Live Without

chic-sketch-illustration-appYou’re addicted to your phone so why not make it work for you? Whether you want an on-demand beauty infusion or are out of booze, we’ve tried, tested and sourced our favorite apps that make our life easier.

Get Artsy!

Chic Sketch – In case you haven’t noticed on instagram having a custom sketch done of yourself is all the rage. And with the Chic Sketch app they will convert photos into an Instagrammable fashion sketch within minutes for $9.99. Plus now with their new updates you can watch a time lapse of the sketch being done.


Lookbooker – For when you’d like to schedule that bikini wax at work without having the entire office overhear (or just about every other beauty service, hair, nails, facial, massage…)

PickN’Tell Welcomes you to the Future of Shopping

Fashionistas, rejoice! On July 16th, PickN’Tell was launched as an exciting way to make your shopping experience more interactive. Whether you’re perusing the streets of Soho, or in the comfort of your own home, you can use this app to shop, find the best deals, create and share wish lists, or give and receive feedback on that cute new outfit you recently saw in store.

How it works: retail stores can install interactive mirrors with unique codes that, when connected with a smart phone, allow shoppers to take pictures of themselves in an outfit and forward it to their friends via text or Facebook from the mirror itself. For the stores that don’t have the mirror installed, the app allows you to use your camera phone to upload pictures and videos directly to the main site and get instant feedback from your PickN’Tell network!

For more information visit the PickN’Tell website, and download the app for free on your smart phone. Happy shopping!