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PC & IHC Featured on Beauty Stat!

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Lately, I feel like I have one exciting announcement after another — with much more to come! I have so much to share with you guys but for right now I’m so delighted that Beauty Stat asked to feature me on their site and talk about my “Tomgirl’s Guide to Beauty”. As some of you know I started the style blog, In His Clothes, where one item of each look is either mens or menswear inspired, while the rest of the outfit is free game.

Tomgirl is a term I coined this year when I started the blog, which unlike tomboy style (which is all about dressing like the boys), Tomgirl style is borrowing from them but keeping a feminine edge. I like to think of it as boy meets girl – converse with dresses, motorcycle jackets over flowy skirts, heels with boyfriend jeans… You get my drift. And since beauty plays a big role in everything I do from a bold lip to a matte nail, read my tomgirl’s guide on BeautyStat.com to learn my must-have products! (The image above is just the intro, you have to click HERE to see my picks!)



Pretty Connected Launches In His Clothes Blog! (& I Need YOUR Help!)

In His Clothes Blog

As some of you may have seen on my social channels, I started a new style blog, In His Clothes (InHisClothes.com).

In His Clothes examines the influence of menswear in women’s style. From varsity jackets to boyfriend jeans to oversized watches, I want to see how women incorporate a piece of menswear (or menswear inspired) item into their look. Does that mean I want dude looking outfits head to toe? No! Keep it feminine, edgy, rocker or however you define your style; the point of this blog is to explore how women incorporate menswear into their look.

We see articles about it all the time, celebrity features, street style (by the way if you see any of those articles in your daily website scans, please send them my way!

How many times have you adopted a piece of clothing from your boyfriend or seen something on a guy and thought, I want that?

If that sounds like you or someone you know with great personal style, have them email us a picture for the chance to be featured on this blog! (Please include links to who you are wearing and how you would like to be credited).

Interested? Email me at [email protected]

Check us out at InHisClothes.com and I’ll be so grateful if you follow us @InHis Clothes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!