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Pete 90-X Hilarious Work Out Video

I had a tough time getting out of bed earlier. However, inspired by Twyla Tharp’s speech about wellness and how important it is for our bodies to move, I turned to YouTube for some motivation.

My morning workout spoof video is brought to you by a bunch of camp counselors, just having a good time (and yes ladies, get in line, they are all straight).

All laughing aside, I’m legitimately impressed by how in shape these guys are– I mean a two person jump rope, circular jumping jacks, horizontal sit ups, pull up with a person on your chest, synchronized push-ups with their legs intertwined… it’s ridiculous! And don’t even get me started on the solo acts– whatever the dance move the two boys in black spandex and the one in the green neon shirt have going on, I need to practice.

“Now every single day I just want to hear you say, I’m so lucky, lucky, I’m so lovely, lovely…”.

Good morning New York!