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Three Men and a Helicopter


My first helicopter ride!

If you ever have the means (and I recognize how unnecessary this is), and are feeling a little bit ridiculous, a helicopter ride in NYC is an exceptional way to invest 10 minutes of your life. Especially if you happen to be flying to JFK and need a quick route back to the city.  This is one sure way to avoid traffic!

Talk about a view…

My dates…

Perfect landing!

Although if you’re going to do it and are paying for the whole aircraft, grab some friends –preferably really handsome ones and have them come all the way to the airport only to ride back, they will not regret it!  It will make you feel like a complete baller when you land at the V.I.P. .Heliport trailer in Chelsea.


Making a classy exit at the Heliport trailer

Thank you Drew!