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Jackie Collins Launches Goddess of Vengeance

Earlier this month, Jackie Collins debut her 28th novel, Goddess of Vengeance ($26.99), bringing back our favorite leading lady, Lucky Santangelo. Which for any Collins fan is the ultimate. Lucky is the girl we all want to be –and ones who don’t are likely pretending. We’ve watched her character grow from young bride, rouge adolescent to powerhouse jet-set mother of three; with a movie star husband and thriving career with the popularity of her casino and hotel business. While fans may have thought her wild days we’re over, with a title like Goddess of Vengeance, I look forward to seeing her unleash her wrath; after all, you know that families famous motto — Never fuck with a Santangelo.

And if you follow me on twitter (@prettyconnected) you’re well aware that Jackie Collins novels are my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. In fact after a particularly exhausting fashion week, amidst starting my own company and keeping up with my blog; I decided my reward for getting through the 4-hour sleepless nights and never ending to-do list would be to curl up in bed, shut out the world and read her latest book.

Lara Eurdolian, Jackie Collins

I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking having a Jackie Collins book in my possession for almost 2-weeks and resisting dropping everything to read it. I just knew that once I opened it, I would not be able to stop until it was finished. And last night, with the unappealing weather and gray NYC skies it was the perfect excuse to pour a glass of wine and enter the world of Lucky and her famous family and friends, while Armoand, a misogynist prince (who I’m hoping is the subject of Lucky’s vengeance and takes down) tries to take over her hotel. Although the character I’m most excited about watching