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Must Do: Museum of Feelings in NYC

museum-of-feeling-kelidascope-room If you’re in or headed to NYC plan a date for the Museum of Feelings. Located in a downtown New York in a tent outside Brookfield Place, it’s the first museum that reacts to emotions and turns them into art. While that may sound emotional, it’s quite the opposite. Get ready to engage your senses through touch, feel, play, listen, imagine, breathe — and don’t forget to dance! The museum consists of 5 interactive rooms, one’s all sparkly and reflective, there’s a kaleidoscope room, one that feels like you’re in cloud.

museum-of-feelings-dance-floorThere’s also a room that when you walk through a ring of light moves around you and the more you jump or move around it changes into all different kinds of patterns and colors, while still maintaining a ring around you.