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Get Your FREE ProfilePRO Shampoo and Conditioner

Paula Abdul_StarShop_ProfilePRO

You know how I’m always saying I like things more with my name on it? Well how cool is this!? StarShop, the new celebrity-curated m-commerce app is giving away 40,000 FREE travel-size sets of shampoo and conditioner from ProfilePRO, from now through July 31st.

For any of you that struggle to find the right products for your hair, ProfilePRO® should be on your radar! It’s the first and only individually customized hair care system that asks a series of questions based on hair type, hair texture, behavior, and scalp condition to get you the perfect blend. Each customer can also pick their preferred scent and include a personal name which will appear on the bottles. (Note the customization service is only available when purchasing products so try the free sample first and then if you like it keep in mind this service!

StarShop users are eligible to receive a free ProfilePRO travel-size set of shampoo and conditioner by visiting www.starshop.com or downloading the StarShop App, available via the iTunes App Store and Google Play by July 31st. Downloads are free, so get in on it!

Ursa Major Has Launched!

Gentleman, get excited! The much anticipated men’s skincare line, Ursa Major (means “The Great Bear” in Latin) has launched their website.  The brand thrives on living life to the fullest, and –‘living major’.  Their site also offers some really wonderful content regarding the abuse of words like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ in the marketplace, and an excellent blog that takes you into their world and makes you truly appreciate what it takes to launch a brand.

Ursa Major is also giving out free samples on their site! So what are you