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Chatting My Vanity Must Haves on Amazon StyleCode Live


While the rest of the world was getting ready to watch the presidential debate last night, I was on my way to the set of Amazon’s show, StyleCode Live to join hosts Frankie Grande and Rachel Smith and film a segment on my vanity must-haves! Don’t worry, while it’s filmed live you can watch it anytime and get the 411 on my favorite vanity mirrors, organizers, brushes and so many more fun must haves! (Link below to watch)


swarovski-crystal-bracelet-cynthia-rowley-bell-sleeve-dressOutfit details:

Cynthia Rowley Bonded Suede Bell Sleeve Dress 

Swarovski Crystal Dust Bangle Double black bracelet and single white cuff

Jean Paul Gaultier for Atelier Swarovski Reverse Necklace Tie

Kenneth Cole reptile booties (similar)


I did get some compliments on my “tan” legs and it was all Vita Liberata Tan Mousse – in dark (which is perfection and amazing on it’s own) with a little bit of St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil on top for more of that sheen, glow finish. This was probably the only time I saw myself on screen and thought the camera took of ten pounds.


Head to amazon.com to watch the segment live (scroll in 17 minutes and 30 seconds) and if you look at the tab below the screen that says “Your Vanity Checklist” it features all of the products I’m talking about in the segment with direct links.

Thank you to everyone that tuned in and to StyleCode Live for having me! xoLara