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Prada’s 24-Hour Pop-Up Museum Goes Live Tomorrow!

I have been a very, very, VERY bad blogger recently. After a great streak of daily updates, then the holidays hit (or rather my astronomical work load) and I’ve been unfaithful ever since! Well I have plenty of exciting events and news to share with you so consider me back! For starters, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you that tomorrow, Prada launches their highly anticipated virtual museum for only 24 hours! So we all need to put a reminder in our planners and check it out!!!

When you think of Prada, probable words like exclusive come to mind. So consider the fact that this exhibit will be open to the world, online for one day only is quite exciting! Well naturally, they are hosting a private dinner first (of course there’s something exclusive about the event). Still,are you excited? (I’m very excited). Although, I’m completely unclear as to what we’re in for.

The museum is designed by Milan-based artist and satirist Francesco Vezzoli with Rem Koolhaas’ think tank AMO. Based in the historic Palais d’Iéna in Paris, the “24 h Museum” will be split in to three sections, each inspired by a particular type of museum space: historic, contemporary and forgotten. In each of the three sections, Vezzoli has created a “non-existent museum” where he will show his personal tribute to femininity through interpretations of classical sculptures that make reference to contemporary divas.

The museum opens Tuesday, January 24 at the Palais d’Iéna and closes the following evening on the 25th. First begins the private dinner, after  it will turn into a “disco-club,” which will be streaming live on the museum’s official website, 24hoursmuseum.com.