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Silk bombers and the art of layering


This season, I’ve been less about wearing one coat and more about layering. It’s getting cold in New York but all the stores and buildings are so overly heated that working in layers is easier than over heating. So I’ve been doing a light jacket with my Nike Down Cape  over everything (they also have a version with sleeves). Bombers have been a big trend, and while I’m not normally a trend girl, somewhere around purchasing my fourth bomber jacket I realized I’m drinking the Kool-Aid pretty hard. My favorite though is this silk bomber jacket and pants from Yummie by Heather Thomson. It’s nice and long and looks really cute as the whole set, and with my new High Top Sneakers from FitFlop. This is my second pair of shoes from FitFlop and they have changed my life. I’ve been looking for a cool shoe brand with an orthopedic sole and these offer so much support and are so comfortable.

FitFlop-ing around


Yesterday was a dream! The weather was gorgeous in New York, albeit a little cold but I woke up, had coffee on my front steps and got ready to brunch with a friend before taking a flight home to Boston to be with my family for the holidays. I’ve had some recent winter doldrums so the boost in energy and the sun had me taking out my favorite Rag & Bone sweater jackets I got on mega sale at their sample sale few years ago and some new discoveries I’m excited to share including this orange Armani Lip Magnet shade in Tangerine which is probably the first orange shade I could confidently pull off.

Found the perfect orange to match my jacket. Thanks @armanibeauty #partner

Rag and Bone Sweater + Boyfriend Jeans (similar)

The Stance x Rihanna Bad Girl Socks

FitFlop Tassel Superskate Loafers

Forever21 Faux Leather Arrrowhead Belt

Lafayette 148 Wool Turtleneck

Remo Tulliani Trust Sunglasses Tortoise/Blue Fade

Coach Saddle Bag

wandering-bear-coffee-coach-saddle-bagI wasn’t planning a posed coffee picture, but I was shooting my outfit and my photographer caught me chugging my morning cup of joe which was too candid not to share. I’m a coffee enthusiast as many of you know. My friend Melissa turned me onto Wandering Bear Coffee, which is boxed, cold-brew coffee you can get at Whole Foods and like total crack. I love a strong brew and it gives me the kick I need to get through the day, without the headache. It’s been a total time saver in the morning! Next discovery is from another friend are these FitFlop Tassel Superskate Loafers.