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EMU Australia Fall/Winter 2012 Presentation

From head to toe, EMU Australia displayed their Nordic inspired Fall/Winter 2012 collection filled with a mix of comfort and functional pieces, while still being fashionable (and very well styled).

Hosted at the Metropolitan Pavilion at Style 360, the brand also launched its first menswear collection since launching 15yrs ago.  As expected there was a grand showing of classic  Australian Merino sheepskin footwear items, as well as a variety of boots of all lengths made of soft leathers and suede in different styles. I thought the collection was well balanced with heavy jackets (that you just wanted to snuggle in!) mixed with mini skirts and tall boots; fitted leather jackets with hats and accessories –and since it appears they haven’t yet launched pants, I’d love to see a variety of fun tights next season! The richness of the layering as well as the color palette or cranberry to grays to black as also what stood out from the collection.

Leather has been all the rage this season at fashion week, and I for one want this entire black number:

Straight from the front row, check out the collection for yourself: