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Air Charter Service Launches Lindbergh Card with Charles Lindbergh’s Grandson

Last week, I headed to the Explorer’s Club for Air Charter Service’s big announcement! The event was for Empyrean, their new jet card division for the launch of their first global jet card, the Lindbergh Card. Continuing in Charles Lindbergh’s legacy, his grandson Erik Lindbergh has partnered with Air Charter Service for the launch as well as in lending his legacy name to the card — he’s also the first member.

{Erik Lindbergh holding the inaugural Member #1 Lindbergh Card}

If you think this sounds fancy… it is! Targeted for the corporate executive that frequently travels to the popular celebrity who’s life revolves around being in multiple states (or countries) within a short span of time (and of course glam globetrotter who bleed money), a personal Lindbergh Card Account Manager offers the resources