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TOUS Jewelry Now and Fall

Have you ever been to TOUS (you know the jewelry/handbag store with the bear logo)? They have a few stores in NYC (one in Soho the other on 5th Avenue). After seeing their new collections from this year, you’re going to want to!

I took a tour through their the new Spring/Summer collection which is now launching in stores as well as a sneak peek into the Fall/Winter collection, which will be available later in the year. Complete contrast between the two lines; S/S explores the ethereal beauty of Africa mixing their signature jewels with a variety of medals, woods and beads, while F/W is all about hidden treasures and discovering secret sparkles and jewels.

{Spring/Summer collection}

{My favorites are these 18Kt yellow gold and sterling silver bi-laminated earrings with ebony!}

{Sterling silver and black methacrylate cuffs}
{Bi-laminated earrings with faceted tourmalines and sterling silver chain and pendant necklace}
{Spring/Summer is now available in stores!}

{Fall/Winter collection}

 Fall/Winter sealed the deal from me. I’m so in love with this collection… and have completely fallen for this diamond ring! It flips to form a cover so it can be worn casually or full on glam engagement ring. Seriously though, how cool is this engagement ring???

{If you happen to have $25k laying around and want to be bound to me for life…}

{Delicate chandelier earring and necklace set}

{I admire their detail…}

 {Love, love, love this set of thick gold with little diamonds in it}

{What’s more regal then a large green ring?}


Based in Spain, TOUS originated in 1920 as a watch-repair shop and has now expanded to offer an extensive line of jewelry and handbags in stores around the world. What I like most about the brand is they work in various medals, sterling silver and gold making many of their classic designs available at a range of price points making it affordable to a wide range of customers.

Learn more at Tous.com