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Color Wheel-Inspired Looks for Holiday

Thank you Target for promoting this post!


The holidays are all about experimenting with makeup and Target gave me the fun challenge of creating two beauty looks based on the color wheel. The first look is using analogous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel), while the second is all about complementary colors (colors that sit across from each other).

For these looks, I was inspired by the e.l.f. endless eyes 100 colors palette. What can’t you do with 100 eye shadow colors and for $15? It’s a steal! Like most of us, I gravitate to the eye palettes that have shades in my comfort zone. But since the start of my blog I’ve always recommended everyone get a blockbuster large palette to experiment with. e.l.f also has amazing makeup brushes at a fraction of what other brands sell them for. For the looks below, I used the e.l.f. brushes already in my makeup bag but, for anyone in need of a set, the e.l.f Essential Brushes and Cleaner Set has 5 makeup brushes and brush cleaner for only $10! It includes every type of brush you need to complete the looks below.