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EcoSmart Organic Bed Bug Killer Rocks at Repelling Mosquitos!

Last night the unthinkable happened. I was stung multiple times by a mosquito while I was sleeping. And yes, I get it, mosquito’s love me — a curse that I’ve carried since I came into this world, but seriously, it’s October! That’s the best part about summer being done is mosquito season is over!

In any case I’m no stranger to the multiple offenses one little mosquito can do to my body while I’m sleeping. Usually somewhere around my 4th bite, I wake up — wake my boyfriend up and then turn on the light and wait until I catch it. Well, in my overly tired state I turned that light bulb on and then immediately off (it was too bright), and instead ran to my medicine cabinet for bug spray. Or so I thought, turns out without even realizing it, I had grabbed a bottle of EcoSmart Organic Bed Bug Killer & Repellent, which by the way smells great (it’s made with Peppermint Oil and Rosemary Oil) and proceeded to spray it all over the bed and on my