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Can I Offer You Some Umbilical Cord Serum?

Yah you heard me, umbilical cord serum! I just wanted to get that out of the way so you can digest it before I introduce you to the breakthrough skincare line, Novo Solutions MD. Where…ah…you…guessed it, umbilical cord serum is one of the active ingredients to make your skin look younger and dramatically reduce the signs of aging.

I write a lot of skincare stories and sometimes it’s difficult to deciphers a major point of difference, so not the case when I met with Dr. Mark Endelman on his breakthrough skincare line. Following his venture as an Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Engelman was asked to serve as a medical business consultant for a number of stem cell therapy companies. His studies made him fascinated with the practical application of stem cells, genomics and immunology and ultimately led him to the development of NOVO Solutions MD.

I have to say the formulation is intriguing –NOVO Solutions MD rebuilds vital cellular skin components with the patent-pending NovoSerum, relaxing the face with the latest neuro-peptides to create a similar result as botox (although with skincare, not an injection) and eliminating environmental skin-aging elements with bioactive antioxidants. And when you think about it, it somewhat makes sense the fountain of youth would come from the fountain of life (cord of life?). The proprietary