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Dove Launches Limited Edition Summer Care Body Wash and Beauty Bar

I’m late to the game in sharing this but about a month ago I got the new limited edition Dove Summer Care Body Wash (22 fl oz/$6.99) and Beauty Bar (6 pack/$8.39, 8 pack/$10.49). Normally, Dove releases new scents every few months but this time they have added a gentle exfoliating beads to their classic body wash with NutriumMoisture formula. Designed to help rejuvenate tired skin thanks to all that added time spent in the heat, wind and humidity, it’s specially formulated to help tackle summer skin care needs. It has the creamy, rich lather and feel we’re used to from their original formula with these added gentle scrubbers for a refreshing all over clean that leaves skin super soft. The scent is a pleasant citrus floral with vanilla and amber notes. It’s nice but I’d love for them to release the same formula in their Revitalize mandarin scent (that’s my new favorite from the collection).

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