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I SPY DIY (I made a bracelet, Jenni wrote a book!)

I would like to send a big shout out and congratulations to my friend, Jenni! The infamous queen of DIY, (she founded the website ISpyDIY.com) has written her first book, I SPY DIY STYLE. Inspired by looks from the runway, Jenni encourages women to “find fashion you love and do it yourself.”

While trends come and go, especially from the runway this book is great for getting inspiration on how you can use different materials, hardware and paint to make something your own or reinvent a basic.  It’s well laid out with clear direction (and beginner friendly); not too many steps or copy and very visual. My key takeaway was I need to go on a glue spree. There are at least 3 variation of glue I never knew I’ve always needed.

{I SPY DIY STYLE book launch party}

{Besties turn twinsies! Mike and I come to support — with unplanned matching outfits}

{Cheers to Jenni!}

{In deep thought over creating my own custom Lara Eurdolian original DIY bracelets}

{Voila, my bracelets! — clearly DIY is not my forte}

{DIY drinks on the other hand…}

There is a downfall to knowing Jenni (and some of you avid readers may find this as well…) — my favorite DIY project of hers wasn’t in the book! As she would say, “you need to wait for the sequel”, and lets face it, she posts new projects almost daily so she can’t fit them all in. However, since patience is not my virtue, until part duex is written, I’m bookmarking posts from her blog for when I’m ready to get creative! And fortunately for me, I found the recipe for the Rope Wrapped Chain Bracelet I was looking for!

I SPY DIY STYLE by Jenni Radosevich, SRP: $21.99, available on amazon.com ($14.95)