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DIY Dining Tips Inspired by Buzzfeed + American Express


As some of you know, I’ve partnered with American Express to be an ambassador for their no annual fee, Blue Cash Everyday Card. It’s pretty much my dream job since the card is all about making everyday a little more epic, which you probably have noticed from my social media handles is what I’m all about. I mean, this month alone I’ve been so blessed to have had the opportunity to take a gymnastics class with Dominique Dawes, play in the mini-Instagram board room with Eva Chen and Facebook, hang out with WWE Superstars Dolph Ziggler and Charlotte, enjoy a private exhibition at Christie’s with Tom Ford Beauty, and take a pretty awesome road trip…and it’s not over yet! I’m living for the end of August when I’m back in NYC for the US Open!!!American-express-blue-cashe-everyday_7

This credit card not only fits my lifestyle but also my everyday favorite moments from entertaining and dining to Vespa rides around town. I’m also loving Amex’s latest collaboration with Buzzfeed for their “Epic Everyday” video series; sharing everything from easy DIY dining and entertaining tips to fun recipes and birthday party ideas..

I took inspiration from their 3 Living Room Upgrades in 60 Seconds video for a family dinner and double date I hosted with my sister. We had a lot to celebrate between her exciting job news with the United Nations, plus James and I wanted to celebrate with a night in since we were headed out of town for so long.


I used a mix of fresh flowers and herbs I picked from a local garden with some dried lavender inspired by the Buzzfeed video for the place settings. To break it down here are 3 fun and simple ways to update your dinner table:  the center and put one on each plate setting. I also used it for decoration around the cheese plate.American-express-blue-cashe-everyday_6

Idea #1: Fun ice cubes with a twist

Ice trays come in all shapes and sizes, I grabbed a two pack of these pineapple sets and put some fresh mint in each socket before adding water and freezing. It’s a fun way to make a party in a glass and the mint lasts long after the ice melts.American-express-blue-cashe-everyday_2

Idea #2: Dried lavender decorations:

Inspired by the Buzzfeed video, I took a bushel of dried lavender and sectioned it into small pairings. I then wrapped raffia yarn aroundAmerican-express-blue-cashe-everyday_5
Idea #3 Flower arrangements in jars

Flower arranging is a passion of mine. I love picking flowers and creating arrangements for the table. For this dinner I was going for more of an urban rustic feel so I used jars from around the house. I found everything from a Mason Jar to glass juice bottles I saved and an actual glass vase which all worked together. Just illustrating that things don’t have to be perfect to be perfect. The variety of sizes of glass containers added to the charm.


These are all easy ways to make a dinner extra special. Whatever Epic Everyday means to you, I hope you’re all living your best life and staying inspired. The Blue Cash Everyday Card offers all kinds of perks like 3% cash back at supermarkets to help make every dining experience like this that much better, 2% cash back at gas stations (which has been coming in handy on my road trip), 1% cash back on almost everything else and more perks you can learn about HERE.

Thank you American Express for sponsoring this post and having me as an ambassador.