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Tips on What to Eat and Avoid for Healthier Skin

There’s always all this chatter about how stressful the holidays are, however for me it’s usually the period right after new years that gets me. Something about adjusting back into work and getting myself on a schedule after a weeks of over eating and sweat pants shocks my system.

However, the holidays are over, and hopefully my not-so-great eating habits have gone with them. I’ve already taken the first step and joined Equinox, now I just need to pay more attention to my diet. Skin Expert Dominique Tinkler (of OMIC Skincare) shares her tips  on what foods to eat and avoid for healthier skin:

For Breakouts

What to eat – Bright red and orange fruits and vegetables have beta carotene which your body converts to oil reducing Vitamin A. Green leafy vegetables contain Vitamin B6 which minimizes swelling, so pimples are reduced.

What to avoid – Iodine rich salt, shrimp and seaweed stimulate oil glands, inducing irritation of pores.

For Stress-Induced Wrinkles

What to eat – Fruits rich in color (such as berries) have Vitamin C which help to promote anti-aging, skin firming collagen and