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How-to: The WaterSlide Braid (+ New Matrix Products)

With the exception of table tennis, back-gammon and maybe rummy (there are few things I would be arrogent to boast that I’m great at; until attending a wonderful event at Matrix where I learned to do the “WaterSlide Braid”, to which I now add to my list. While the hairstyle made popular by The Hunger Games, I haven’t been seeing it done by the public nearly as much as I expected (I mean seriously, how cool does it look?); which I chalk up to people thinking it’s more complicated then it looks.

{I did it myself! Behold the WaterSlide Braid}

Here’s the “How-to” I received by Ammon Carver, Artistic Director of Matrix. If you still have problems, let me know or tweet me @prettyconnected and I’ll help you through it! In the tutorial Ammon recommends two new Matrix products, Total Results Silk Wonder Oil (which helps reduce frizz and add shine — use sparingly!) and Design Pulse Mega Dust (which is like a dry shampoo powder that adds texture and volume to your roots).

How-to: The Waterfall Braid

1.     Use Total Results Silk Wonder Oil on the fingertips and piece through hair, avoiding the root directly, to create slippage.

2.     Take a section at the front hairline, and divide into 3 pieces as you would do for any regular braid, preparing to go diagonally around one side of the head as opposed to straight back down the center of the head.

3.     Braid normally – pull the lower strand (closest to the face) across the middle strand, and then bring the top strand (closest to the middle of the head) across as well, like in a normal braid, but let this section “fall” with the rest of the hair.

4.     Pick up another section from the top of the head to replace the one you let fall, and keep working this way around the head as far as you’d like, and then pin or tie the braid securely.

5.     Finish with Design Pulse Mega Dust to add texture.

Once you get the hang of the braid it’s so quick and easy to do that it makes getting ready that much easier. I will say it looks better on lighter, straight (and dare I say shorter) hair since you can see it better. Which is a tough break for my long, dark hair. Both products recommended are optional — that’s probably what I like most about it — you can do it anywhere, no heat required, just a little finesse.