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Q&A: What is Dermaroller Skin Rejuvenation all About?

Everyone would like to have perfect skin; unfortunately this is not always possible. The natural wear and tear of life can take its toll on your skin and cause significant damage. Wrinkles can be caused by stress, acne can cause scarring and sun damage can cause visible damage to your skin. In past years there was no way of repairing this damage once it had been done, however new technology has meant that this is no longer the case. Sceptical? Me too, which is why as part of my commitment to better understand the MedSpa world and I took some time to interview MYA Cosmetic Surgery on this new treatment, Dermaroller.

PRETTY CONNECTED (PC): What is Dermaroller?

MYA COSMETIC SURGERY (MS): Dermaroller is a revolutionary technology we offer which neutrally rejuvenates your skin. It works through a micro-medical skin-needling procedure, which encourages skin rejuvenation and promotes collagen production. The tiny roller is moved across your damaged areas and stimulates the skin’s natural ability to heal itself, meaning that whether the damage is new or old, it can be repaired without the use of chemicals.